John Costa & Associates provide on-site training that complies with the OSHA 1910.147 standard for The Control of Hazardous Energy, and meets your specific needs.

Our Lockout / Tagout classes are designed around your companies OSHA required Lockout / Tagout safety program and your companies required safety procedures for service, repair and instillation of all your powered equipment.

The class consists of a review of the OSHA standard 1910.147 as well as OSHA standard 1910.137.

Include in this review is the following:

  • What is Lockout / Tagout?
  • When Should You Lock or Tag Out?
  • Types of Energy Sources
  • What are Engineering Controls
  • Training Requirements
  • Enforcement
  • Applying Energy Controls
  • Performing the Work
  • Removing Lockout/Tagout
  • Special Situations
  • Levels of Protection
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Test Equipment
  • Working with Overhead Lines
  • Emergency Rescue
  • First Aid

A review of your companies’ Hazardous Energy Control program as well as going over each type of machinery / equipment you have at your facility and how the energy sources are to be controlled whether they are electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, steam, gas, kinetic, stored, etc.

A 20 question quiz will be given to determine the knowledge of each employee that attends.

Record keeping is a must when conducting training for your employees. After a course is completed John Costa & Associates will send you the necessary paperwork to add to your records.

English and Spanish classes are available.