Five or more employees puts you under OSHA jurisdiction:

If your company has at least five employees, John Costa & Associates provides a service you can’t afford to do without. We are committed to providing a cost-effective program for the employer and a safe work environment for all employees. Our program will boost morale, increase productivity, and make your company more profitable.

OSHA doesn’t need an appointment:

If your company is inspected and found in violation of workplace safety standards, OSHA penalties are steep, frequently six and occasionally seven figures.

With these fines come much higher insurance rates. And if an employee is injured in a workplace that violates OSHA safety standards, not only can the company be sued but the management and owners can be sued as well.

But let John Costa & Associates tell you the good news! These nightmare, business-wrecking scenarios can easily and inexpensively be avoided.

Through our professional inspections, employee training, and comprehensive safety manuals, John Costa & Associates will put your company in position to pass an OSHA inspection any time they visit.

With Our Expert Advice, We will help your company:

  • Comply with the hard-to-understand details of OSHA’s thousands of requirements.
  • Avoid OSHA fines.
  • Create accident-prevention programs and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Significantly reduce exposure in a lawsuit resulting from a workplace accident.

Let John Costa & Associates assess your safety program, then develop a program to make “Safety” a part of your company’s infrastructure.

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