John Costa & Associates provide on-site training and fit testing that complies with the OSHA 1910.157 standard, and meets your specific needs.

Our Respiratory Protection class and Qualitative Fit Testing is designed around your companies OSHA required Respiratory Protection Plan.

The class consists of a review of the OSHA standard 1910.134 as well as your companies’ Respiratory Protection Plan.

Include in this review is the following:

  • Types of Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Types of Respirators
  • Your Companies Written Program
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Types of Fit Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Maintenance, Inspection and Storage of Your Respirator

A 20 question quiz will be given to determine the knowledge of each employee that attends.

Upon completion of the class each employee will be fit tested on the respirator they will be using on the job.

Record keeping is a must when conducting training for your employees. After a course is completed John Costa & Associates will send you the necessary paperwork to add to your records.

English and Spanish classes are available.